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Oliver Cocker Spaniel Makes Donation to Service Dog Project

PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:47 pm
by dawn & kevin
I have been following the Service Dog Project, Ipswitch, MA ever since Oliver and Cindy posted the site on this forum.

Today, SDP (Service Dog Project) received a box of "doggie & people" goodies sent to them personally by Master Oliver Cocker Spaniel. How exciting and they enjoyed the donated gifts. :Clap :YAY :YAY

This organization breeds, raises and trains Great Dane Puppies to become Mobility Service Dogs for folks that are mobility challenged. These large dogs provide a stable walking assist for their Human Partners.

Take a peek at SDP's 24/7 site. The dogs are fun to watch and the folks are as well. Every day (except Sunday) they provide a "Chat" (5:00 PM EST) and open the donations sent by their followers. Please feel free to take a look and thank you Cindy and Oliver for your post regarding SDP.

Give the site a gander: ... -puppy-cam

Dawn :paw

:love to Master Oliver Cocker Spaniel...! He is now 12 years young! :smch