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 Post subject: Need help finding a puppy
PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:56 pm 
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Hello I am new and I may be posting this in the wrong spot....but I have a male cocker he is 8months old and is akc registered I am looking for a female that's akc registered....I am having no luck at all I'm located in west Tennessee I am willing to travel some ....please if anyone can help me find a pup close to me or knows someone who raises them I would greatly appreciate the help

Again sorry if this is in the wrong spot

 Post subject: Re: Need help finding a puppy
PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:27 am 
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I had to delete a couple of replies to this topic, per the forum rules.

Forum rules #5, 6 & 7 are the ones that pertain to discussions of breeders and puppies for sale. Forum rule #7 is the most important in this particular case where someone is looking for help finding a breeder. I'm going to post rules 5, 6 & 7 below.

The most important part of the rules that pertain in this case is that if you're going to reply to a question about where to find a good breeder, you need to do so privately... via email or the forum's private message system.


5. Do not use the forum to publicize a litter of puppies that is for sale without clearing it with me first. If you've got a well-bred purebred litter of puppies from parents who have passed OFA and CERF tests, and your puppies are not mismarked and generally do meet the breed standard... I probably would be happy to let you tell the world about them here on the forum. BUT... write to me privately and talk to me about it FIRST before posting ANYTHING about your puppies on the forum... even a mention that your dog is pregnant.

Basically, rule #5 exists in order to prevent the forum from getting over-run with "advertisements" for available puppies from every puppy mill and backyard breeder that discovers our forum. Even if there is no mention of the puppies being "for sale" in the thread, any mention of puppies that have not yet been sold is considered an attempt at a "soft sell" or an attempt to publicize the fact that the person is a breeder that sometimes has pups available.

6. This goes hand in hand with rule #5... please don't mention other dog breeders by name or place links to their web site here on our forum. It's not simply that I'm picky about who I offer free publicity to, although that's part of the reason for this rule. But the main reason I have this rule is that I don't want to get in to public discussions about whether a particular breeder is "good" or "bad". It often starts innocently enough... someone gets a new puppy and says it came from XYZ Kennels. Then someone replies that they heard XYZ Kennels doesn't do OFA tests on their dogs. Then someone else says XYZ Kennels is a puppy mill. And it just gets uglier and uglier as the discussion goes on. Therefore, in order to help keep the peace around here... when it comes to other breeders, please don't mention people's names or their kennel name or their web site address. Keep in mind that this rule applies even if you have only good things to say about them... and especially if you have bad things to say about them! It's OK to tell a story about a bad experience with a breeder, just DON"T NAME ANY NAMES!

7. I understand that you may want to ask people for suggestions on where to find a good puppy near you, and that you might want to hear other people's opinions of a breeder you are considering buying a puppy from. In this case, ask people to reply to you PRIVATELY, via email or private message. That way they are free to say whatever they want, and there's no danger of slandering the breeder publicly on the forum. When asking for an opinion of a particular breeder, do not post a link to their web site.

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 Post subject: Need help finding a puppy
PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:38 am 
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I know that people love to have puppies, but please consider going to a rescue to get a cocker spaniel. They usually have puppies if that is what you want. There are great cocker spaniels at many rescues that need homes. Unless you want to breed a cocker spaniel, get one that needs a good home.

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 Post subject: Re: Need help finding a puppy
PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:28 pm 
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Why are you looking for a female ?


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