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 Post subject: poppy
PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:03 am 
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hi we have a 5 month old cocker wow is she hard work but so well worth it.i love reading your storys on here as it helps.we never had a cocker before but are dog of 13 years was sadly on her we got poppy she loves going for walks the more the better as she does be to tired to get up to anything when she gets looking for help on potty training she just wont get it. we let her out im garden for wees and tell her make a wee which works.but every morning without fail she goes.would like to hear your tips pls.also when im walking from line to house she jumps and bites me and barks she has ripped and few items again any tips or help pls.last one how many feeds a day would you give we were given 3 but in last few days cut down to 2 I dont no if im doing right or wrong.any help is welcome thanks.

 Post subject: Re: poppy
PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:35 am 
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Hello Roslyn: Congratulations on your new puppy - who sounds very much like a puppy! Are you using a crate to housetrain? I would highly recommend it. Five months is still pretty young, and sometimes it just takes puppies a little more time to "get it" but the crate definitely helps, IMHO. Also, do you have access to a puppy training class? That, too, will help with teaching her not to jump and bite. Part of that is just being a puppy - but she's not too young to start to learn some restrictions. the exercise sounds spot on - if you can keep her a little bit tired you'll be better able to manage her energy at this point. Most people feed their cockers 2x a day - morning and evening. That being said, some "free feed" by leaving food down all day. It depends on your dog. My cocker would eat everything I put down as often as I put it down and weigh 50 pounds if I did that, so I have to control her diet. I give her about 1/2 cup morning and evening, but she only weighs 17.5 pounds and is on the small size.

We'd love to see a picture of your little one and know her name when you have a chance.


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 Post subject: Re: poppy
PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:29 am 
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I have a 6 month cocker spaniel and am experiencing or have experienced what you are experiencing now. I would agree, crate training is key. My puppy sleeps in her crate and first thing we do every morning is make sure that she pees and poops. We don't come back in or let her out of crate without making sure she has time to poop. We also took her through puppy training classes and that helped a lot. My Daphne likes to tug and jump at the leash as we go up to our apartment after we are outside for walks or bathroom. She has been trained to listen to the "leave it" command so that helps with the biting of the leash. I think it's just puppy behavior. But you should try to go to puppy training so you stop some of these puppy behaviors. This breed can be a bit dominant if you let them!

I transitioned her from 3 times a day to 2 feeds a day. We notice that sometimes she doesn't want to go poop at night and instead waits til the next morning. So we have learned not to get frustrated when she won't poop on her evening walk. The type of food you feed her also can impact that. Some of the more processed dog food will pass through your puppy much quicker.

Good luck! and enjoy the little puppy, they are the sweetest!

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