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Help needed choosing a healthy puppy

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:54 am
by LeslieB
I have never particularly scrutinized into this question but when asked for - I could not help a lot to my cousin. I found a few related articles in Internet but I would love to get some tips from breeder and may be vets. How would you distinguish a really healthy pup from a few?

Re: Help needed choosing a healthy puppy

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:33 pm
by Grace LCM
This is a good question and you are sure to receive lots of good long responses to it.

First of all, of course you need to find a good breeder who does the recommended testing for your breed. Ask to see the proof of testing documents. Make sure the breeder has the puppies vet checked prior to sale, and if in doubt get the details of the vet and ring them yourself to verify...a good vet check should include checking of heart, which the breeder would often not be able to tell you if there were any problems. Check if the breeder gives you any kind of written agreement of what should happen if puppy falls ill or dies. If the breeder is selling the pup as pedigree registered, make sure those papers are either given to you at time of sale or with written agreement that they will be coming, and even check with the KC that parents are indeed registered before buying (I didn't do this and am paying for my own mistake!).

Once you've ticked those boxes and are choosing your actual pup, make sure you've met mum at least and check the litter environment is clean. Check with breeder that puppies have been regularly wormed. Make sure puppies in general look bright, well-fed, and alert. However, don't discount a puppy which may just happen to be sleeping at time of your visit...all puppies sleep a lot. You may wish to come back a couple times to make a final decision. Check their bums to see if they're clean or dirty, which could be a sign of diarrhea. Diarrhea may not mean they're sick, but perhaps just upset tummy if puppy otherwise appears well. However, breeder should be able to explain to you.

That's just a brief check-list. In the end, your heart will dictate, but if you at least find a decent breeder first then you should increase your odds of getting a healthy pup. In the UK, many puppies are also sold with 4-6 weeks free pet insurance...if they don't do that in the US, consider buying yourself pet insurance which starts from the day you bring puppy home in case something goes wrong, as vet bills can be super expensive!!!

Good luck!