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 Post subject: Butthead Club Meetings this Weekend with Cherry Pie
PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:20 pm 
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Hi All,
This is Louie :sun here. I am reporting from the rainbow bridge as Mom and Cherry Pie really outdid themselves again this weekend. I am literally laughing my butt off from up here.

Cherry Pie injured herself back in March and was out of regular obedience competition since. Last month, Mom showed Cherry one day in Preferred Utility and Rally Excellent + Advanced at an indoor show. Cherry Pie aced Rally and would probably have qualified in Preferred Utility if Mom wasn't so clumsy.

In any case, Mom thought that it would be a good idea to show Cherry Pie this weekend before the Specialty. But she forgot that the show was outdoor and Cherry Pie has been tracking, which earns her lifetime membership in the Butthead Club. They were entered in Rally only yesterday. While Cherry Pie got her RAE leg #4, she and I were having a wonderful meeting during her Excellent run. Mom also joined in at one point when she IP-ed a station by calling Cherry Pie to front instead of to heel. Rally Advanced was better except that Mom had to redo a station because she walked herself into a corner and left herself no room to pivot. Cherry Pie was fine otherwise. She would have been even better had the Sun (aka me) not appear half way through her run. But since they did manage to get an RAE leg and an Advanced score in the low 90's, I would not report on the meeting.

Today was something else. Cherry Pie was entered in Utility B and also in Rally. Dad, Mom, Heidi and Cherry Pie all went today as they were going to meet up with Aunt Terri today after the show. Mom was handing over my paw prints and one of the glass heart to Aunt TerriG.

If yesterday was bad, today was epic. It rained last night. So the grass is wet. Cherry has prissy paws and did not want to get her butt wet either. When Dad emerged from the car, she was begging him to track with her and save her from Rally. Since some dog peed in the ring yesterday, Mom took Poopy Pie to potty at least 8 times. She was literally empty either way.

They went into Rally Excellent first. Cherry Pie was actually all right and Mom made the mistake to glance back and Poopy Pie started to leg. She made it over the jump and then beelined to a spot and MARKED!!!!!! She got carried out right away. Cherry Pie was wondering why she couldn't pee on wet grass. In any case, Mom let her pee on the dry dirt road and nothing came out...

Then they went into the Utility ring. The luck was with Mom that it was the II pattern, which started with directed jumping. Cherry Pie was having prissy paws on the first front, but did all right. Their Judge was the same nice Judge who gave me a second place a few years ago. She was giggling a little bit at Cherry Pie, who was goofy. And then I think Mom's brain turned on, and we stopped the Butthead meeting for a bit. They nailed the rest of the exercises except for 2 no-sits, which were 3 points each. They won the class and got a couple OTCH points.

After that, they went back to the Rally Advanced ring to practice despite their earlier Walk of Shame. Mom did not make the same stupid mistake of glancing back this time. After Cherry Pie went over the jump, she was going for the same spot again!!!! Mom shouted, "Don't you even think about it!!!". That was probably significant deduction, but prevented another Walk of Shame. Anyways, they got a Q in that class. Ugly but qualifying.

People tended to say that Rally is easier. And how Mom and Cherry Pie pulled off a UB win and totally goofed in Rally is beyond me!

I am just laughing my butt off up here.

Louie Lou, the Cloud Reporter and a Forever Member of the Butthead Club

Proud mom of 3 rescued American Cocker Spaniels:
Louie BN RA CGC R/W Parti 2/4/03-5/29/17
Heidi CD BN RA CGC Buff DOB: 3/31/06
Cherry UDX RE CGC R/W Parti DOB: 4/1/10

 Post subject: Re: Butthead Club Meetings this Weekend with Cherry Pie
PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:11 pm 
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Hi Mr. Louie,

Sorry I'm so late in noticing your post. It came in right before my roadtrip back to So Cal, and then there was the start of the semester so Mom was ALWAYS on the computer doing school stuff, and then there was Mom's cataract surgery with a complication, etc.

I'm very happy to know that Cherry Pie is also a tracking cocker because so am I :sm . I also love to sniff, so much so that Mom only wants me competing at in-door obedience/rally trials. My agility instructor also complains that my tracking training has interfered with agility. In agility I sometimes go and check out the plastic numbers next to the obstacles -- after all, I was trained to indicate plastic tracking articles.

It is nice to know that Ms. Cherry redeemed herself and earned OTCH points. Mom only dreams that some day I would be in utility. If utility is anything like novice obedience then Mom better keep dreaming because I was less than thrilled with that event. Rumor has it that I'm to start training for Rally Intermediate in preparation for the cocker national specialty in July 2018.

I think any of my future endeavors in obedience and rally will give cockers at The Bridge plenty of things to laugh at.

:paw Gotham

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