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 Post subject: Frequent peeing - Possible UTI
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:15 am 
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Tried to do a search to get some info but couldn't find anything on forum. Prob. not using the right Search Words.

Our Bailey who is 13 weeks old is in the process of being trained to potty outside. My concern is that I think he may have a UTI since he had several pee accidents in the house yesterday which hasn't happened for at least a week. The accidents occurred about 15 min., 30 min. and an hour after he had peed when we took him out.

He is being crate trained and we have him on a fairly regular schedule between crating, playtime outside the crate and taking him out to potty. He stays dry at night for about 10 hours and has done that since we brought him home at 8 weeks. He stayed dried last night.

I plan to take him to the vet tomorrow to have him checked. My question is how unusual is it for a male puppy to have a UTI? Also what else could be causing him to pee excessively?

Thanks to everyone on this Forum; you have made my life so much calmer since finding this site. The knowledge I glean off this Forum has helped me so much.


 Post subject: Re: Frequent peeing - Possible UTI
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:19 am 
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He is not "too young" to have a UTI so I would get it checked (if only for your own peace of mind) but at 13 weeks he is far from being house trained so accidents - even after a week of none - really may not mean much. Things change - for instance, if he's eating a bit more he may be drinking a bit more, if it's warmer where you are or he's been playing maore, he may also be drinking more. My grandpa used to call it "turns-ta" (everything they eat and drink "turns-ta" something else). I can remember having to take my pup out every 15 minutes at points and they'd go each time. What you can also try is making sure if he isn't in the crate, he is physically with you and you take him out every 15 minutes of the time he is with you.

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