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 Post subject: Callie Titer Results and Lab Info
PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 3:43 pm 
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Callie's distemper titer was excellent- 1:1024 ratio, anything above 1:32 is considered good protective immunity. However, they did not do the parvo, which I am quite upset with my vets about. Here's what happened:

I gave my vets the printed info from the following links, and asked that we use either Cornell, Hemopet, Michigan, but not Idexx because I heard they did not give a numeric ratio. I finally spoke with the owner who said that Idexx does indeed give a numeric ratio, so I agreed to Idexx to make things easier for them. I was specific about parvo/distemper both verbally and in the letter I sent with the info. The cost was $90 which I thought reasonable, not being informed it was just for one, not both. I spoke with Michigan, Cornell, Kansas who all gave me all the info I needed-Idexx would not give any info, saying I had to go thru my vet. And Idexx did not even do it in house-they sent it out to Colorado!

Cornell-They test in house, fee is $35 for both parvo/distemper, $40 to overnite it, then vet fee to prepare and draw it, so that would be around $90 for both I figured. My vet does not have an account with them. ... tcode=CVP1

Michigan State-Similar to Cornell, $32 for parvo/distemper and adeno. They test in house, my vet has an account with them with the discounted overnite envelopes, so that would be probably less than $90 for the 3. ... ne&Id=2026

Minnesota-my vet also has an account with them, but they send it out. Also around $35 for both.

Kansas-They charge $16.50 for distemper, and same for parvo, so total would be $33. ... s%20-%20SN

Hemopet-$42, but they send it to Antech Lab in NY.
http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-ang ... ctions.htm

I will be following up with them on my next appt and telling them nicely how disappointed I am with this, and ask that next year when I do Casey, I am insisting it be sent to Michigan, where they have an account and discounted mailers, and have Callie's done again to include the parvo-I will pay the $33 lab and ask they eat their prep fee-the postage should be the same in the same envelope.

Now question for those that know-with Callie's distemper titer being so very high, it is probably a safe assumption that the parvo would show a high level of immunity also. What do you think?

Callie, Casey & Riley

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