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If your dog has the runs and pukes even if you blame

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:25 am
by Joe in North Bay Ca
If your dog has the runs and pukes even if you blame change of diet the cause could be the fats. I really recommend the ultrasound if any health changes. Checking the liver and pancreas, gallbladder and the rest on the organs. I wish I had done this when we were at UC Davis last September. It looks like everything is getting back to normal. This still is signs of CUSHINGS THAT HE DIDN'T MEET THEIR STANDARDS. He's eleven now.

His blood pressure is still high now he's on one pill every twelve hours. This after he failed again one week ago. Wonder if the pills really help him. We'll see in several weeks. I think the stress from cushing is the cause and the vet sort agrees. in a way.

Well he can still see and hear as he catching up to our 14 year old cocker that lost her hearing at ten and got cathartics. I think she had the same health problems. This 40 years ago.

Just add some flax seed oil, with lignan's plus DE Earth with the meal. Thanks to the pumpkin in the can to add flavor to his new low fat diet. Maybe this is bad as he likes it. Fat at 3 percent now that is lean.