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 Post subject: Have a friend with a 16 year old cocker with a torn ACL
PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:26 pm 
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What they are doing is giving their dog glucosamine shots. Think this has been done for four to six months. He told me all the cocker wants to do read pee mails. Doing ok for it's age.


 Post subject: Re: Have a friend with a 16 year old cocker with a torn ACL
PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:05 pm 
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At 16 years I don't think that I would put a dog under acl surgery, and as long as the shots were working, which it is, and with physical activity like a daily walk, what more can you ask for? Here is a link to Dr Becker and a dog named Payton, a pretty interesting read. ... rgery.aspx

When Snickie was 2 1/2 and she went for her yearly, the Vet discovered she had a luxating patella :OMY I had noticed a few times she was limping around on three legs, the other leg being stretched out. In fact I always have my camera with me and I videoed her one day chasing her Frisbee and she took a tumble. didn't think much of it. Watched it on my computer over and over and realized that it was her knee that went out. The vet said that it was at stage one, and at that point just to watch it and if it got worse well then something would have to be done, he also said that it might not get any worse. The best thing I could do was to keep her slim and trim, and daily exercise, which we did, in fact I upped our daily walk. I also took her on long hikes, at 2 years on a leash she was a light weight, now at 6,she has a lot of strength, going up hills I let her charge ahead pulling back on the leash and watched her dig her back legs down into the ground, And as I watched her from behind I knew she was building up those back leg muscles of hers. I always cooked for her, but now I intensified it, and found out when you cooked the chicken and bones in a crock pot for 24 hours you made the bones into mush,which she could eat and was getting natural glucosamine, just like when you give Oliver a raw neck bone. To be honest I can't remember the last time I saw her limp. or take a tumble running after her Frisbee.
Seven years ago after getting the dreaded Lyme Disease I tore out my ACL That was the darkest time of my life, but with 4 months of intensive therapy of building up the muscles of my legs, the Dr congratulated me and said that I now belonged to a small group of people that walk around without an ACL.
Due to me getting older and the dog getting older, I have been doing research and I think that taking MSM would be a great addition to my diet as well as the dogs diet, and your friends dog may benefit from it as well. Here is a link. If you read the above link with Dr Becker, MSM was used on the dog Payton.

 Post subject: Re: Have a friend with a 16 year old cocker with a torn ACL
PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:55 am 
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A luxating patella is not the same as a torn ACL. I have had cockers with both issues. Brownie had ACL surgery on Tuesday.


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